Set sail with our Coastal Art collection at Penn Gray Design, featuring gender-neutral and preppy designs for a range of products. Beach Stripes offers sunny blue and white striped patterns reminiscent of seaside bliss. Palm Beach brings coastal tropics to life with leafy and animal motifs. Club Cabana stands out with its bright geometric stripes and shapes, perfect for a vibrant setting. Ropes & Anchors showcases a pastel, preppy nautical aesthetic with ropes, stripes, and crosses. Shells & Stones presents a refined collection with elegant shell motifs in pastel and dark tones. Finally, Octopus’s Garden immerses you in underwater wonders, featuring seaweed and coral patterns. Each collection in our Coastal Art theme captures the spirit of the ocean, tailored for both casual and elegant applications.

Explore the bright, island-inspired patterns of our Zanzibar collection, reflecting the rich trade route history of the islands. Perfect for a variety of products, these designs bring a unique, vibrant island aesthetic.

Our Kyoto collection marries tradition with modernity, featuring reds, blues, and greens inspired by Kyoto's architecture, culture, and cuisine. These patterns are perfect for products seeking a touch of Japanese elegance.

Dive into the serene beauty of Bali through our leafy, green, tropical patterns. Ideal for creating a meditative and exotic ambiance, these designs are a homage to Bali's lush landscapes and organic vibe.

Global Art Collection
Destination-Inspired Watercolor Designs
by Penn Gray Design

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